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Assisting techniques in designing sports halls’ auditoria

Designing the ‘spectator facility’ in sports hall have changed over the last decades. Giving a clear visibility of the pitch over the heads in front of every spectator as well as improving comfort have become one of the decisive quality standards. Furthermore, the multifunctional utilization require ...

Therefore, the architect is facing the compromise between… Achieving the desired effect of a more dense atmosphere...

For the future advance the fundamental understanding of better and faster designing of the adequate viewing in sports hall, the using of computer software were examined, which include:

-        the calculation of essential inclination,

-        the study of evacuation routes,

-        the study of visibility of the pitch.


In this work the computer application of created spreadsheets and parametric models (Generative Components) have been discussed. Using these tools not only calculation of the vertical section of the seating bowl is possible but also, checking the correctness for different anthropometrical spectators’ dimensions. Moreover, it is also possible to automatically  fit the obstruction between the first spectator and the pitch, match the right number of steps in passage or even taking into account the spectators on the wheel in any chosen place in the auditory. As a result of parametric modelling is achieving the 3D model of ‘spectator facility’ and, not as so far, 2D.

In addition to that, author of this thesis, worked out a new designing tool, an application programme, which allows to calculate the visibility of already existing or arising vertical section of sport halls’ auditoria from every spectator’s place. The final result can be colour coded for showing the different in viewing quality at each place.

The obtained results are valuable in obtaining deeper understanding of realizing improved designing of auditoria...